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Welcome to the Merry Journey Montessori Plus School

About Merry Journey School

Merry Journey Montessori School admits children from 18months- 5years provides a superior learning environmemt allowing each child to unfold his or her full potential with a respectful, loving and gentle guidance.

Our philosophy and practices nurture children’s innate desire to learn by offering them a prepared environment that leads to self actualization .

Merry Journey Montessori School creats a child-centred environment that fosters independence, high self-esteem, responsibility, self- motivation and academic compentence

What Sets Us Apart

Our environment is a well prepared child sized environment which reflects beauty,simplicity and order.The environment is serene and a bridge between home and school.This gives our children a sense of security and quickens the time needed to settle in.

Merry Journey Montessori provides well-chosen materials and activities to meet all our children’s needs holistically.The activities in the classroom have an inbuilt mechanism called the ‘control of error’. This helps the children identify their mistakes and solve them independently.

Our Classrooms

Our school offers small class sizes and a teacher/child ratio of 1:4. This is to ensure that our children are given the required attention they need in order for them to achieve their individual goals.

Merry Journey Montessori school strives to assist the child to attain the following:

  • A positive attitude towards school and learning.
  • Respect for others,for all life and for the environment.
  • Self-discipline and independence within the context of community.
  • A high degree of self-esteem.
  • The ability to engage in team work.
  • Habits of concentration, initiative and persistence.
  • A holistic development (Physically,intellectually,linguistically, emotionally and socially
  • A well equipped music room.

Months Old

Class Size


18 months – 2 years

Months Old
Class Size


2 and half – 3 and half years old

Months Old
Class Size

Blossom 1

4 – 5 years

Months Old
Class Size

Blossom 2

4 – 5 years old

Our Curriculum

We use a well-thought out hybrid of the Montessori, British & Ghanaian Curriculum. The curriculum is highly individualized: The guide/teacher is trained to recognize and respect the unique potentials operating within a child and strives to connect him to the activity best suited to him at that moment.

Areas of Learning Offered:

  • Activities of Everyday Living
  • Education of the senses
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy and Arithmetic
  • Knowledge & Understanding of the world
  • Creativity

Extra- curricular Activities:

  • Art and Craft
  • Music(Piano&Guitar)
  • African Dance
  • Gardening
  • Christian Values(optional)
  • Physical Education

Activities of Everyday Living

These activities are the first set of activities introduced to the children. This is because they consist of familiar objects which help to bridge the gap between home and school.

This area also supports the sensitivities of the child. Teachers take opportunity of the fact that the activities are familiar and introduce the cycle of activity, freedoms and the ground rules. The activities of everyday living foster independence and promote concentration.

This area revolves around four areas; care of self, care of environment, development of motor skills and Grace and Courtesy. Everyday Living activities include transferring grains from one bowl into another, pouring water from a jug into two identical containers, buttoning frame, setting a table, introduction of one’s self, the silence game and walking on a line.

Education of the Senses

This section of the curriculum refines the senses of the child. The senses supporting the Montessori curriculum are visual sense(dimension),chromatic sense(color), stereognostic sense(shape of things), kinesthetic sense(touch), tactile sense(touch), thermic sense(hearing),olfactory sense (smell), gustatory sense(taste).

This area has a wide range of activities to refine the senses stated above. The aim of this curriculum is for the child to acquire clear conscious information and to be able to make classifications of the environment.

Sensorial activities include touch tablets, knobbed cylinders, colour boxes and sound boxes.


We have a language rich environment to stimulate each child’s language acquisition device. There are pre-reading and pre-writing activities to prepare the children well for writing and reading.

For example, each child engages in activities to strengthen his/her pincer and palmer grips to have a firm grip to hold a pencil and write well. Children also engage in phonetics games to make sure they really know their phonemes and understand the relationship of the sound and name of each alphabet before they start to read.

Children have a kinesthetic feel of all the shapes of the alphabets thereby creating an inscription on the child’s mind using the sandpaper letters. Every item in the environment has been labelled to enrich the environment with written language. There is also a comprehensive book corner stocked with books that are age appropriate .

Numeracy and Arithmetic

Children have a mathematical mind thus a sort of mind which is built up with exacticity. The mathematical mind has the tendency to estimate, quantify, identify, make order and sequence.

Children absorb the mathematical concept easily because of the mathematical nature of their mind. In order to fully develop the mathematical mind, the children are acquainted with order, sequence,measurement, calculations and exactness in the environment.

Numeracy and Arithmetic

The Activities of Everyday Living and Sensorial activities highten the child’s awareness of mathematical relationships.

As each child grows in the environment, he/she is introduced to more concrete maths materials to explore more abstract thoughts, beginning with quantities before numerals.

We use the Montessori ‘’Golden Bead” material. This was developed to give children a concrete exploration of the decimal systems.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

The aim of this area is to provide the child with an understanding of the world around them: geographical features,nature,science ideas such as sinking,floating and magnetism.This area has activities prepared for the child’s interest.


This area of the curriculum encourages children to engage in creative imagination and create items or ideas out of a wide range of materials available.

Inspiring A Life-Long Love of Learning


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